Discover the world of coding!

Scottie Go! is extremely suited and well-placed for a cross-curricular approach in primary and secondary schools. In fact our games help even 4 year old children to start coding!

Unique combination of interactive mobile applications and physical cardboard tiles, emphasise the kinesthetic and collaborative aspects of learning.

Gradual and intuitive advancement through abstract programming concepts using gamification techniques. Scottie Go! allows to expand the learning experience beyond the board (teachers and parents use the game to emphasise aspects of computational thinking).

We help kids discover the world of coding!

Scottie Go! Teaches kids:

• basics of coding
• mathematical skills
• algorithmic thinking
• working in a 2D grid

and Programming Concepts:
• parameters
• loops
• conditional expressions
• variables
• functions

Teachers Can Implement:
• Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) approach
• multi-sensory learning
• on and off screen classes

It is applicable fo kids pre-school and school age:
• 4-5 years old (Scottie Go! Basic)
• 6-15 years old (Scottie Go! Edu, Scottie Go! Labirynth)
• 10-18 years old (Scottie Go! Kit - comign soon)