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Scottie Go! BASIC (age 4-6)

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  • For Age: 4 - 6
  • Number of Levels: 24
  • Includes: Coding Tiles + Mobile App
  • Recommended Use: For Pre-School, Nursery Educational Establishments


Scottie Go! Basic assists you in presenting and explaining Coding problems in an easy and enjoyable way:

  • During the game, children learn how to build and use algorithms.
  • Playing Scottie Go! Basic creates an environment that facilitates teamwork, moderated by a teacher.
  • During the game children can learn programming also through movement and physical activities.
  • The coding tiles from this game have been designed to appeal to younger children – they are more colorful and larger than the standard tiles. They are easier for students to use and differentiate between them and the programming concepts they symbolize.
  • The programming concepts from this game cover most of the programming concepts included in, including loops, parameters, and basic instructions.
  • Students can practice mathematical reasoning and basic mathematical skills, e.g. step counting.
  • The process of creating and completing the quests allows children to train in creative, critical, and logical thinking.
  • Thanks to Scottie Go! Basic you can engage your students in fun, creative and collaborative learning, based on gamification and a multi-sensory approach.


By purchasing Scottie Go! Basic teachers get access to a variety of teaching aids and additional materials:

  • Teacher’s Guide with solutions to all quests from the game.
  • A set of all quests and quest boards, which can be used as a teaching aid during classes.
  • Graphic materials, including worksheets.
  • Sample curriculum and lesson scenarios including movement games and methodological guidelines.
  • Ideas for fun and interesting educational activities.
  • Information about certification and networking in Scottie Go! Kindergarten Clubs.


Scottie Go! BASIC is centered around a set of teaching aids and modifications to the original game, prepared specifically for younger children, including a modified design of the coding tiles. It is also intended for children aged 4 and older to allow them to code without a computing device. What is more, it also allows educators to create their own game scenarios, work with children in groups, and let them enjoy algorithmic role-playing’. 

  • The kit is built around a set of specially modified tiles to teach coding to young children (4+).
  • The kit includes cardboard tokens and a gameboard, which will allow you to manually assemble the first 24 quests contained in the Scottie Go! EDU app.
  • By using the Action Cards, learners can modify a quest, or design their own customized quest to explore without the need of a mobile device.
  • The BASIC edition coding tiles are larger, with more vivid colors and pronounced graphics. The digi-tiles are accompanied by a corresponding number of dots to help children better understand the concept of numbers.
  • There are three different ways to play with Scottie Go! BASIC, each of increasing difficulty, suitable for players of different ages and experience.


The game transfers Scottie’s adventures to the physical game board, making it possible to teach programming to younger children. Students can recreate and follow the adventures from the Scottie Go! for Education game and help the little alien fix his spaceship. They can also create completely new quests from scratch, using physical tokens and a deck of action cards.

Scottie Go! Basic is a one-of-its-kind educational board game (but students can assess solutions to the ready-made quests with the Edu app) and a physical quest designer for the youngest learners. During the game children can manually create, recreate, modify and complete quests, which facilitates teaching coding without the excessive use of computing devices in a structured and friendly learning environment.

No digital device is necessary to play with the Basic set, but we highly recommend using it from time to time - it might help you explain to the students how the composed programs work in the digital world. The license key will give you access to the initial 24 quests from the Scottie Go! Edu application.

Box contents of Scottie Go! Basic are made from safe – wooden and paper – but also durable materials.

The game allows you to teach classes in a variety of places – not only in the classroom. It facilitates the use of different devices and many different lesson scenarios.

Once you install the game on your device (the app requires a mobile device supported by Android, iOS or Windows OS) it doesn’t require access to the Internet, which means that lessons can take place virtually anywhere – at school desks, on a carpet or in the open air.


The main quality of Scottie Go! Basic is the possibility to create, complete quests and program the main hero – Scottie – without the need for a constant use of digital devices. Students create their own quests or recreate and modify those indicated by you using 47 physical square tokens and a deck of action cards.

Every quest should be completed, which means that children have to analyze it, figure out a solution, and compose a proper program - instructions for Scottie - with the cardboard coding tiles.


  • 1st mode: Serves as an introduction to the world of coding and focuses on recreating and completing quests from the teacher’s guide (included in the set) in suggested order. In this mode children will be gradually introduced to the action of coding.
  • 2nd mode: In this mode you and your students can start modifying the ready-made quests with action cards. You can choose the quests as you please.
  • 3rd mode: Serves as the open game mode – you and your students can create quests from scratch! It is best to use it with well-experienced Scottie Go! players.


  • 53 coding blocks
  • license code
  • 42 tokens,
  • 52 challenge cards.

The App may be installed on three devices:

  • App for PCs with Windows 7/8/10 (32-bit and 64-bit): download the installation wizard.
  • The app for devices using Android is available on Google Play.
  • The app for devices using Apple IOS is available on App store


  • Product Dimensions: 39.5 x 26.5 x 5.3 cm
  • Boxed-product Weight: 1.5 Kg