About Us

Scottie Go! products are a series of innovative and unique education games with an interactive programming course. Our products are based on the pioneering idea of using an interactive mobile app and physical cardboard tiles together. They have received international recognition and are being used by thousands of kids worldwide.

Scottie Go! family was created in 2018 by a group of education specilists and now is already available in more than 80 countries! From 2022 has also reached Switzerland! It was brought to you by parents and teachers who are also enthusiast of continuous learning concept applied from the early age!

Our mission is to help kids discover the world of coding! We provide knowledge and solutions in the field of modern education to schools and kindergartens. Our games are suitable for kids already from 4 years young!

We consult the offered tools with experts in their field and test them together with practicing teachers and their pupils. Thanks to this we deliver the most fun and efficient way of acquiring skills that will build their future!

All products from Scottie Go! family are developed and produced in Europe!

 Scottie Go! in Switzerland is available in English with some versions of the game offered in German and French.

We pride ourselves with being a truly global teaching aid. That's why if you are interested in any other language versions (e.g. Italian, Spanish, Russian, Polish and many, many more) please reach out to us directly via our contact form or contact@scottiego.ch and we will do our best to provide them to you as soon as possible.

Yours Scottie Go! Swiss Team.