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TechLabs has been successfully using ScottieGo EDU edition for many years now and find that it is very approachable, intuitive, engaging and fun for kids taking their first steps in digital literacy. In addition, we've found it to be very effective to support kids with multiple spoken languages. Overall, an excellent tool to bridge the gap between limited physical dexterity and conceptual capabilities for early childhood education in the Technology domain.
Joel, Global Head of Sales and Business Development @ Masterplan AcadeME

Masterplan AcadeME uses ScottieGo! as part of our core coding curriculum for extra-curricular clubs and vacation camps. Our students love the mix of the on-screen and physical tiles and we strongly feel that this deepens their learning experience. It is not only a fantastic tool for learning key coding concepts, but also offers sufficient levels and advanced programming lessons to be used for years on end.
Jasmina, Global Head of Sales and Business Development @ Masterplan AcadeME

Kids are always excited to play and learn with ScottieGo! In the classes at Coding a Story and I am happy to use it, as well. I like the fact that it covers a wide range of coding concepts: from simple sequences, loops, conditionals to variables and functions. I find it very favorable that it is a hybrid game, not only an app and children are not immersed in the screen but have to interact with the tangible components.
Liana, founder of Coding a Story Pogramming School in Zurich