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Scottie Go! Starter (age 6-15)

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  • For Age: 6 - 15
  • Number of Levels: 12
  • Number of Control Pads: 31
  • Includes: Coding Tiles + Mobile App
  • Recommended Use: For Pre-School, Nursery Educational Establishments

Scottie Go! STARTER is a mini version of the game "Scottie Go! Basics of Coding for Children". 


Scottie Go! assists you in presenting and explaining Coding problems in an easy and enjoyable way:

  • During the game, children learn how to build and use algorithms.
  • Playing Scottie Go! creates an environment that facilitates teamwork, moderated by a teacher.
  • During the game, children can learn programming also through movement and physical activities.
  • The coding tiles from this game have been designed to appeal to children They are easier for students to use and differentiate between them and the programming concepts they symbolize.
  • The programming concepts from this game cover most of the programming concepts included in, including loops, parameters, and basic instructions.
  • Students can practice mathematical reasoning and basic mathematical skills.
  • The process of creating and completing the quests allows children to train in creative, critical, and logical thinking.
  • Thanks to Scottie Go! you can engage your students in fun, creative and collaborative learning, based on gamification and a multi-sensory approach.


Use cardboard tiles to control Scottie, a friendly alien. Help Scottie return home by replacing key components in his spaceship and become an expert in algorithm design. Solve problems at gradually increasing levels of difficulty and discover key concepts in coding.


Scottie Go! is a hybrid game that requires the use of a physical game board and an app on your mobile device (a smartphone or tablet) or a Windows PC with a USB webcam.

The App may be installed on up to 3 devices:

  • App for PCs with Windows 7/8/10 (32-bit and 64-bit): download the installation wizzard.
  • The app for devices using Android is available on Google Play.
  • The app for devices using Apple IOS is available on App store.