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Scottie Go! Magnetic Tiles (teachers aid)

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* This product is mainly intended for educational institutions.

The Scottie Go! Magnetic Tiles are outstanding support for teachers and pupils. They are magnetic and much bigger than regular tiles, thus clearly visible from anywhere in the classroom, allowing pupils to see the programming commands placed by the teacher on the magnetic board, carpet, or floor.

The set contains 53 Scottie Go! Magnetic Tiles that are much bigger than regular tiles and therefore clearly visible at a distance.

This is an excellent tool to collaborate with students, and present and discuss solutions to selected quests.

The magnetic tiles allow you to create the right solution for all the quests of Scottie Go! BASIC, and for the first 24 quests in Scottie Go! EDU. Magnetic tiles are a great add-on to the Scottie Go! EDU game.