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Scottie Go! Labyrinth (age 6-15)

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  • For Age: 6 - 15
  • Number of Puzzles: 52
  • Includes: Coding Tiles + Mobile App
  • Recommended Use: For Home

Scottie Go! Adventures: Labyrinth contains 52 puzzles and brain teasers that will challenge both the beginners and the more experienced players. During the game, you will guide the main hero through exciting and sometimes dangerous quests. To do that, compose proper programs with cardboard coding tiles, which can be put together like a jigsaw puzzle. To check if a composed program guides the hero safely, scan the tiles through the Scottie Go! Adventures app. The app also includes an interactive course of programming basics


Train your brain, have lots of fun, and acquire useful programming knowledge in the process:

  • Quests in Scottie Go! Adventures: Labyrinth take the form of gripping logical brain-teasers, which help players develop analytical, logical, and abstract thinking skills, as well as algorithmic intuition.
  • The quests challenge players to analyze the problem, interpret it logically, and anticipate the impact of the code on Scottie’s actions on screen.
  • The programming concepts featured in the game cover the understanding of basic commands and their sequential nature, parameters, navigating the Cartesian grid, loops, and nested loops.
  • The kinesthetic aspect of learning with Scottie Go! Adventures: Labyrinth allows players to acquire abstract concepts in an easy and effective way and facilitates teamwork.
  • A carefully designed and attractive game environment gradually introduces players to programming basics.


Scottie always wanted to explore vast and strange galaxies. Unfortunately, not too long into his cosmic wandering, his spaceship gives him the signal that most of the fuel is somehow missing.

The little alien has no choice but to land on an unknown asteroid and fill the tank. To do that, he has to find the magnetic crystals that fuel his spaceship. Your mission in this game is to help him collect them so that he can continue his travels. However, there are many surprises waiting for you on your way!

Guide Scottie safely through the asteroid by composing programs with the cardboard coding tiles and complete all quests to succeed in your mission!


The game is typically dedicated to children aged 6 and up, but it can also be played by younger children if they show strong predisposition. Children can play alone, but this game is a perfect occasion to work and play in teams of 2-3. Younger children should be helped by a parent or a guardian.


The major components of the game are the coding tiles, sold in the box, and the Scottie Go! Adventures mobile app which includes quests and an interactive programming course. The coding tiles, which can be put together like a jigsaw puzzle, are necessary for communicating with Scottie - the main hero. Use them to compose programs (instructions) that Scottie has to follow on a device’s screen.

Start the application, load or create your profile and follow 4 easy steps to play:

1. Pick a quest you want to solve. The quests are located on the route through the asteroid (every completed quest unlocks the next one). There are also a couple of side quests, and you will have to take a little detour to solve these.
2. Analyze the quest board and try to figure out the solution. What route will be the best one for Scottie?
3. Compose a program that will make our hero move and follow the instructions you composed. Then scan your program with the app.
4. Watch Scottie follow your commands on your device’s screen!


  • 52 cardboard coding blocks,
  • an organizer,
  • a license key granting access to the Scottie Go! Adventures mobile app for 2 devices,
  • a user manual.


The App may be installed on two devices:

  • The app for devices using Android is available on Google Play.
  • The app for devices using Apple IOS is available on App store


Product Dimensions: 25 x 17 x 4 cm

Boxed-product Weight: 1.3 Kg